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Top 1M Market Share

Market Share By Site Popularity

Since 2021-05-30, has maintained a fairly stable market share across all website popularity segments.

Alexa RankWebsitesMarket ShareMarket Share Change
Most Popular Sites < 1,000707.007% 0.1%
Very Popular Sites < 10,0004184.180% 1.46%
Popular Sites < 100,0001,4271.427% 0.56%
Less Popular Sites < 1,000,0004,3270.433% 1.41%
All Sites23,3060.157% -8.19%

Market Share History

This chart shows the history of detected websites using .  
In the last 6 months, market share has decreased 8.19% from 0.171% to 0.157%

Top Level Domains

Websites using were found on 210 top level domains

Top Level DomainsPercent
Commercial (.com)35.45%
Germany (.de)8.168%
Austria (.at)7.727%
Australia (.au)7.482%
United Kingdom (.uk)2.507%
Organization (.org)1.926%
Chile (.cl)1.904%
Italy (.it)1.638%
France (.fr)1.599%
Canada (.ca)1.581%
Switzerland (.ch)1.498%
Spain (.es)1.380%
Netherlands (.nl)1.232%
Japan (.jp)1.105%
Brazil (.br)1.074%
New Zealand (.nz)1.061%
Russia (.ru)0.952%
Belgium (.be)0.930%
Network (.net)0.812%
Romania (.ro)0.808%
India (.in)0.729%
Mexico (.mx)0.725%
Poland (.pl)0.716%
Sweden (.se)0.703%
China (.cn)0.681%
Denmark (.dk)0.664%
Singapore (.sg)0.594%
Portugal (.pt)0.524%
Norway (.no)0.485%
Belarus (.by)0.467%
Turkey (.tr)0.450%
European Union (.eu)0.450%
Ireland (.ie)0.446%
Columbia (.co)0.437%
South Africa (.za)0.432%
Czech Republic (.cz)0.428%
Hong Kong (.hk)0.415%
Finland (.fi)0.402%
Greece (.gr)0.376%
Ukraine (.ua)0.354%
Taiwan (Republic of China) (.tw)0.336%
Argentina (.ar)0.328%
Hungary (.hu)0.306%
United States of America (.us)0.288%
Korea, South (Republic of Korea) (.kr)0.288%
Malaysia (.my)0.284%
Slovakia (.sk)0.280%
Indonesia (.id)0.249%
Thailand (.th)0.218%
Philippines (.ph)0.218%
Luxembourg (.lu)0.210%
Vietnam (.vn)0.210%
Government (.gov)0.197%
Info (.info)0.192%
Peru (.pe)0.183%
Education (.edu)0.179%
United Arab Emirates (.ae)0.179%
Slovenia (.si)0.157%
Vatican (State of Vatican City) (.va)0.149%
Bulgaria (.bg)0.144%
El Salvador (.sv)0.140%
Croatia (.hr)0.135%
Serbia (.rs)0.131%
Biz (.biz)0.118%
Latvia (.lv)0.118%
Israel (.il)0.114%
Estonia (.ee)0.109%
Morocco (.ma)0.109%
British Indian Ocean Territory (.io)0.100%
Lithuania (.lt)0.096%
Bosnia and Herzegovina (.ba)0.096%
Pakistan (.pk)0.092%
Ecuador (.ec)0.087%
Tuvalu (.tv)0.079%
Egypt (.eg)0.074%
Bangladesh (.bd)0.074%
Kenya (.ke)0.070%
Montenegro (.me)0.070%
Qatar (.qa)0.070%
Guadeloupe (.gp)0.066%
Uruguay (.uy)0.066%
Kazakhstan (.kz)0.066%
Saudi Arabia (.sa)0.061%
Azerbaijan (.az)0.057%
Dominican .Republic (.do)0.052%
Sri Lanka (.lk)0.048%
Kuwait (.kw)0.048%
Moldova (.md)0.048%
Venezuela (.ve)0.044%
Bolivia (.bo)0.044%
Costa Rica (.cr)0.044%
Tunisia (.tn)0.044%
Macedonia (Republic of Macedonia) (.mk)0.044%
Cambodia (.kh)0.039%
Guatemala (.gt)0.039%
Cyprus, Republic of (.cy)0.039%
Armenia (.am)0.039%
Puerto Rico (.pr)0.039%
Nigeria (.ng)0.039%
Iceland (.is)0.039%
110 Others1.201%

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